Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bohemian Convertible Necklace Bracelet Set

Last year  Jewelry Stringing magazine  did a feature on convertible jewelry.

That is not jewelry you wear with your top down.

Instead it was jewelry that has interchangeable parts.

I was fascinated.

So I had to make something of my own like that.

So here are the three pieces.

All three can be worn together for a layered necklace.

Or you can take one of the colorful pieces off.

Or switch to the other one.

The back part of the necklace can be worn as a wrap bracelet alone.

Or you can stack on one of the other colorful ones.

Or both.

Or just wear the two colorful pieces together as bracelets.

Or each one can be worn alone.

Since I used all my hand made clasps, all the pieces work together and can be added as you choose.

I love this idea and will surely be creating more designs with this versatility....

Thanks for stopping by....

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