Saturday, July 19, 2014

More garden Mosaics....

I shared with you that my daughter and I continued to mosaic after our last creative workshop.

We got a little obsessed with it for a few days.

I wanted to show you what we worked on.

I finished my satellite dish transformation.

Remember how it started here.

Now it is almost completely covered.

Since it is not perfectly round, there are a few spaces that did not get covered.

This was a wooden box.

I covered the lid and will paint and spruce up the inside.

This is one of my favorite projects.

Old bottles from the recycling bin.

Covered in marbles.

A marble to seal the top so water won't get in if they are left outside.

Remember, nothing is grouted yet.

More bottles.

Each bottle has a strip left bare down the back.

When I grout, I am going to add a little something.  

You will see.

One bottle covered in buttons.

One of my favorite bottles...

Here are most of the bottles.

This plastic charger from the thrift store was transformed too.

My daughter's idea actually.

After it is grouted, it will have another step before it's new life.

Don't worry.

I will show you.

My daughter made more coasters.

Which are your favorites?

Mine are the keyboard keys.

They are so cool.

What words can you find?

My husband could not tell what this was.

Can you?

It is a bird.

Some eggs....

I think they will be fun in the garden.

Last, but not least, my friend left this little gazing ball and stand.  

I covered it in seashells.

Next I will show you how the grouting went.

We have lots of tips and tricks.

We had some issues but lots of success.

Thanks for stopping by....

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