Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thrifty Thursday....Junking with the Husband....

I know I have mentioned how awesome my husband is....

Last week we went yard sale-ing together.

A church down the road hosted a yard sale in the parking lot...

Lots of possibilities with just one stop...

So we set out early.

We got home early too.

Check out some of our treasures.

Free is good, right?

It's one of those twisty things that you can arrange yourself. 

I have other plans for it...

I will show you later.

Some more goodies...

The popcorn crock will get used with the popcorn machine for parties...

Remember the popcorn machine from the studio tour?

I already have a couple popcorn crocks but this one was 50 cents with no chips so it was a keeper.

The bottles and flower pot were a nickel each.

What's that copper thing, you ask?

It was behind one of the booths.

I love copper.

I figured it was something they had already purchased from someone else.

"Is it for sale?" I asked.

"Yep,"  he says.

"How much?"

"A Nickle."

I gave him a quarter.

It's a water feature for your house/garden, porch.

It was very dirty and had no water pump.

I had 3 little pumps in the greenhouse.

With some work, one fit.

Now it just needs some plants and a home.

We also got 2 director's chairs

a couple bins for wood

A whole pile of seat cushions (24, I think).

They are getting makeovers with some burlap.

and 2 more bowling balls for more garden art.

Except once I got the bowling balls home, my daughter claimed one and my husband says the other one would work for him.

Although I think my husband would let me use this one in the garden.


Oh!  My other favorite was this old school chair.

Marked $3.

Paid $1.

I am not sure yet if it will end up in the garden or repaired.

  I do love it....

The vehicle came home full.

And we had a fun adventure.

Thanks for stopping by.....

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