Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thrifty Thursday...Glass Mushrooms for the Garden....

A trip to the thrift store with my daughter yielded supplies for a quick garden project.

Thrift stores never seem to lack glass vases and glass bowls.

I picked up 5 of each.

I gave them a wash in the dishwasher.

It was a really hot, humid day when I did this.

You can see the glass steamed up when it came outside from the cooler house.

I used some of Beacon's 527 glue.

I put the bowls on the driveway and ran a line of glue around the raised edge of the bottom of the vase.

Then I just set each one in the bowl and let them sit until they were dry.

It took mine about 4-6 hours before I actually took them in the garden for placement.

I would recommend over night or longer just to be sure.

You may wonder why on earth I glued the vases that way...

I have a good reason.

I don't want them to keep tipping over.

I took a piece of rebar and pounded it in the flower bed with a hammer.

I slipped the mushroom on and we are good to go.

Even a heavy rainstorm or small animals running by won't tip these mushrooms over.

This would be a super easy kid's craft.

You could even paint the glass with glass paints.

I wanted the subtle clear look this time.

Since I made 5, I have plenty to go around.

I added a piece of rebar to the planter in front of the garage.

And the mushroom perfectly fills a little space there.

You may already have everything you need at home for this quick project.

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