Thursday, May 12, 2016

Father's Day Craft Lightning

Time for a Father's Day Craft Lightning.

I loved coming up with an idea to honor dad that is fast, easy and great looking.

Here's what you can make:

This great stamped leather key chain.

You will need:

Leather Scrap
Leather Cord
 Stamping Alphabet
Sand Bag
DecoArt Metallic Lustres Paints
Heavy Duty Scissors
Sharpie Marker
Tin Can
Leather Hole punch

Let's get started.

You may use whatever leather you want.

You can buy bags of scrap leather at many craft stores.

You can use a piece of leather from a discarded item such as an old coat or pair of shoes.

Decide on a shape.

I used a tin can to trace a circle.

Cut the circle out.

Wet the sponge and squeeze out the excess water.

Dampen the leather where you will stamp it.

Stamp your message one letter at a time.

Place the letter stamp on the leather and give it a forceful blow with the hammer.

Try to hit it hard enough to make the impression with one blow.

If you hit it several times, you risk having the stamp move and getting an unclear impression.

Continue to spell what you want to say.

Allow it to dry.

Use the Metallic Lustres Paints to add some color to the key chain.

I prefer to use my fingers to rub the color where I want it.

Allow it to dry and buff it with a soft cloth.

Use the leather hole punch to add a hole.

String a piece of leather cord through the hole.


The perfect usable gift for dad.

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