Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rustic Fused Glass Pendants

I just wanted to show a  couple rustic fused glass pendants.

Remember I got the kiln in the fall?

I used it a lot in the fall and then took a break from it.

But I wanted to show some of the unique results we got with it.

Glass pebbles, wire and a glass base.

This one is pieces stacked. 

 I think it turned out like an ancient shield...

And the last one for today is this one.

Working with glass is definitely more of an experiment than most things I do.

There does not seem to be a definite set of rules or results.

Some of this is due to our novice status.

Some of it is due to the fact that we are using glass scraps with unidentifiable COEs.

Either way, when we open the kiln, we never know what we will find.

There is a great joy in that...

Thanks for stopping by....

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