Friday, May 20, 2016

Discarded book Cover Jewelry Displays

A few years ago I learned a dirty secret about some book sales.

Sometimes, after the sale is over, they recycle what does not sell.

This sometimes involves removing all the covers and then recycling the pages inside the book.

All those wonderful book jackets end up getting discarded.


I was appalled.

But a friend saved several boxes of book covers for me for my art after one such sale.  

This is one of the ways I used the covers.

I used a band saw to put 2 short cuts in the top for the necklace to slide in.

For shows, I slide each one into a cellophane bag to keep them from getting tangled.

I am pleased with saving a few boxes of book covers from the landfill and my jewelry gets a great new display.

I will show you some of the other great projects that came from those book covers later.

What unusual items do you use for display/packaging?

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