Thursday, May 5, 2016

Collections in the Greenhouse

Hello there!

I recently shared the cleaning of the greenhouse.

I would like to say "annual" but it doesn't always work that way.

Anyway, I am loving that the space is clean now.

I wanted to share a few close-ups of some of the collections of things that live in my greenhouse.

My daughter would question why some of them would be in a greenhouse...

But since it is my space, I can put whatever makes my heart sing in there....

Under the potting bench my husband built for me many years ago, most of my clay pots are now hanging out together.

I don't think I need any more pots for quite a while...

For now, my two chicken wire dress forms are here.

Once the flower beds are clean, I will take them out and let them dance in the sunshine among the flowers.

I love vintage bottles.

Some I buy.

Some I find.

Some are given to me.

I have them scattered all over.

Here are a few in the green house.

I love these little decorative birdhouses.

I don't remember where I got them.

I bought a whole pile of them and they still make me smile.

They are tucked throughout the greenhouse.

More bottles and another birdhouse.....

A couple metal watering cans...

Every greenhouse needs watering cans.

My husband built this little bird feeder many moons ago.

I painted the tiny daisy slate...

And look!

Another little bird house!

Most of these flower frogs came from the thrift store...

I bought a whole shoe box full for $3, I think.

I add new ones as I find them....

Glass insulators, seeds and plant markers...

More vintage bottles...

A step back to see the shelves above and below...

That little wooden box was found at a yard sale.

  It is still one of my favorite things.....

  Not sure why... 

 The color? 

 Those sweet little hooks?

I painted the pansy slate too.

More flower frogs and a few glass goodies I use as plant cloches...

A cheese cover and a few lamp light pieces.

A few seashell collections live in the greenhouse too.

While my daughter would question why they are there, it makes perfect sense to me.

Sometimes I add the shells in the garden.

I either tuck them in under the plants or line a bird bath with them.

My nephew is also a collector and he gave me some of his seashells.

They are among my treasures.

So there is a closer peek at some of the treasures in the green house for now.

Thanks for stopping by...

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