Monday, May 4, 2015

Pink Set

I showed some pink pieces before here.

They were outside my comfort zone/normal style.

Today I will show you some pink pieces that are more like me.

A bit more bohemian and rustic.

The components such as waxed linen cord, steel findings and recycled silk strips give very feminine pink beads a bohemian edge.

These are pieces for the girly gypsy.

I made them for the same magazine challenge.

They were not chosen.

That is ok.

That means I get to either wear them or sell them.

Here is the fun triple strand bracelet.

I like the braided silk strand.

It adds a softness to the piece.

One of my polymer beads in the focal.

I love the bracelet most of all.

I wear a lot of scarves, but not a lot of necklaces.  

I do wear bracelets though.

I think this one is headed right for my wrist.

Thanks for stopping by....

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