Friday, May 8, 2015

Do You UTEE?

Last winter I discovered the magic of UTEE.

I had read about it, but had no idea what it was: Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel from Ranger.

Why didn't someone say so?

Anyway, it is essentially little beads of plastic that you melt in their little melting pot.  

Then you can dip all kinds of things into it.

They end up getting coated with a clear plastic coating that looks like glass.

My favorite things to UTEE are paper flowers and paper leaves.

Come see how they look in some designs.

To make a hole, I put a wire in a votive flame to heat it and then just held it on the petal to melt through.

Sometimes I twist a little as I do it as well.

See how they look like glass?

I often make little leaves from discarded book pages.  Each leaf has a piece of floral wire sandwiched between 2 pages so I can give them a little bend before I dip in the UTEE.

The UTEE makes each leaf so much more sturdy but it still looks delicate.

I added a bit of green tint to the UTEE batch for the leaves.

If you have never tried it, I do highly recommend it.

It is addictive though.

It is also worth the investment to buy the mat. 

It gives you a place to put everything while it cools and any extra UTEE just peels right off when it is cool to be used again.

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