Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disk Bracelets...

I fell in love and began pinching and making my own disk beads.

Piles and piles of them.

My husband looked puzzled as I filled the tray to bake them.

After they were baked, I colored them in all sorts of ways.

And then the knotting began.

In an evening, a little pile of bracelets grew on the couch arm beside me.

I was in love.

And then I started wearing them and realized they were more comfortable than you can imagine.

The two I wear all the time are rustic stone looking and rustic redware looking.

I am thinking I may need to adopt a big pile of these pales and brights as well.

I have come to prefer my own hand forged clasps.

They add to the look I want and they are really easy to maneuver by yourself.

Worn, beachy blues...

I may have to keep this one...

Thanks for stopping by....

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