Saturday, April 11, 2015

I Made the Cover!

Sometimes things happen that are so amazing, you never quite believe them....

I was going through my blog roll and was reading Knick of Time a few weeks ago......

She was writing about being featured in the newest issue of Somerset Life and had this photo:

I could not believe my eyes.

You see, I knew I had some bottles I soldered in this issue but I had not seen it yet.

I started saying, "HEY!! HEY!  I think I am on the COVER!!!!"

My husband  looked and I RAN the whole way out to the mail box.

I am not built for speed so it made my husband chuckle.

Sure enough, there I am.


I made the bottles to commemorate a vacation we took with my daughter to the Bahamas a couple years ago.

I am so proud of those bottles.

Having them on the cover, unbelievable...

If you see it on the newsstand, take a look.  

The issue is fantastic as always.

Christen Hammons is always amazing.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Stampington for nailing it again.

Thanks for stopping by....

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