Saturday, April 18, 2015

Steel Wire Findings

One of my favorite parts of a piece of jewelry can be the clasp.  

I am not sure why this is, but it has always been true for me. 

 It is especially true if the clasp is handmade or unusual.

So I love to make my own.

My very favorites to make and use lately with my handmade polymer clay beads are heavy black steel wire findings.

My wire of choice: black rebar wire from the hardware store.

Sometimes you can find it in the fencing section.

That is where I originally found mine about 15 years ago or so.

I buy several rolls at a time and use it for all sorts of things.

I like the body and heft of the wire and the way it holds the shape I create with my pliers, mandrel or a dowel.

Once the pieces are formed, I have seat on the floor and give them each a few whacks with a hammer.

I like to play with shapes and even what I use for connectors.

I little hardware piece offers a different look than a wire loop.

How much fun is that for a little touch of Steampunk or Industrial?

I make a whole pile of them and then hammer them in batches. 

 Sitting on concrete is not as much fun for my back as it used to be.

I keep them in a little compartment of my bead tray for when inspiration hits.

 Maybe today will be the day they become something special.

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