Sunday, April 5, 2015

Craft Lightning! A 15 Minute Teacher Appreciation Gift...

I am pleased to participate in the newest round of Craft Lightning....  

15 Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts...

Teachers hold a very special place in my heart.

I hope they do in yours too.

They work hard every day (even in the summer when they are off).

They really care about your children or grand children.

So let's show them a little bit of appreciation.

Here is a sweet and quick gift jar you can fill with anything.

Start with a mason jar with a lid.

Give the lid a few coats of Chalky Finish paint in Carbon from DecoArt.

Let it dry thoroughly between coats.

Give a fake apple a couple coats of Chalky Finish Paint from DecoArt in Carbon.

Let it dry between coats.

Using a Chalk marker, write your message or teachers name.

Use your best printing!

Hot glue the apple to the lid.

Tie some red baker's twine around the lid.

Fill it with anything your teacher loves.


Markers or highlighters.

Tea bags.

Or a gift card to her favorite store.

Your teacher will appreciate anything you put inside.

To make it extra special, write her a note of thanks and have your child do it too.

Cite a specific time she made your child feel special.

She will save the note  forever.

Be sure to swing by our three hosts to find all the other great 15 Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts.

Thanks for stopping by....

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