Sunday, November 29, 2015

Recycled Wool Sweater Cozies

I am always grabbing cans and jars from the recycling bin.

I love utilitarian pieces from what some consider trash.

I love all the ways you can fancy them up.

This time I wanted something super easy.

I took 2 sweaters that had been felted.

I now do this at the laundromat when I take my giant comforter.

I washed them on the heaviest cycle on hot.

Then I threw them in the dryer.

One year I did them at home and the sweater pilled and balled so much I had to call a repairman to come unplug the wool balls from deep in the machine's workings.

I have been banned from felting at home now...

For this project, I am going to use the sleeves.  

Before I cut anything, I slid the can and jar inside to make sure they fit.

I measured and cut them to fit how I wanted them to.

Don't they look cozy?

Then I cut 2 hearts from another red felted sweater and blanket stitched them in place.

No they hold my art supplies stylishly.

These would make a great little gift.

It could be even more special if you used a sweater from the recipient.

Maybe I will whip a few more of these up for gifts.

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