Monday, November 10, 2014

Mason Jar Monday #2... A Warm and Cozy Gift....

It's Mason Jar Monday Again!

This week is not technically a mason jar so I hope you will forgive me.

Today's jar project uses a recycled pickle jar.

I love saving these after the pickles are gone.

They are tall and thinner than a gallon jar so they fit more places.

In this case, it is roomy enough to house the contents for this gift.

First I painted the lid with a coat of DecoArt Chalky Finish paint in Serene.

Then I made a pair of cozy mittens to give as a gift.

These wooly mittens were made from a thrift store sweater.

  I used the pattern and directions from Hobby Farm Home.

While the magazine is no longer in print, you can find the directions here.

The mittens can be whipped together in an evening.

They will make such a cozy gift for someone.

I did learn that you have to cut the pattern precisely. 

I had one piece that had a wonky side and when I sewed it together it got all goofy.

I ended up having to take it all apart, trim the wool and sew it again.

They are much better now.

Next, add your mittens and a few pouches of hot chocolate to the jar.

Screw the lid on.

Add a scarf.

I tried tying it a few different ways...

In a bow...

 Folded in half with both ends pulled through...

And my new favorite way to wear a scarf...

Folded in half with one end pulled through, twisted and then the other pulled through as well.

Now you have a perfect cozy gift for someone special.

Anyone who lives where it is cold would appreciate this warm and wooly treat.

Once the mittens and scarf are removed, the jar can be used any way they want.

This is a proud part of 99+ Handmade Gifts...

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