Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sweet Peat Treat Pots

I love peat pots.

They are sweet and cheap and so easy to make over.

So, I decided to make some little peat pot buckets and show you how.

First gather your supplies.

I gave each pot a light coat of Chalky Finish Paint from DecoArt.

I just tore a little piece of washi tape for each one.

I stuck it on the pot and then burnished it with the handle of the scissors.

Then I set the eyelets in each pot.

I always have to look online to remember how to use my Big Bite...

Now, I will be honest.

This is where the project goes awry.

It was so humid the day I did this.

When I tried to add the wire to the eyelets and twist it, it ripped them right out of the pot!


I was determined to finish the last two so I looked around the studio for a solution...


Twine handles it is!

The second one was cut a little too short to tie a bow so I twisted it around and hot glued it to make a rose.

I actually like that better.

A quick coat of DecoArt's DecouPage to keep the tape from coming off and we are done.

I think they turned out sweet.

I added some Spanish moss, some chocolates and a sweet little pastel mushroom.

 To get the mushroom to stay, I added a piece of wire that slid right into the hole in the bottom of the mushroom.

The wire allows the mushroom to not fall out of the pot.

Later the recipient can use the mushroom for another project...

A perfect little container for a gift.

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