Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cleaning the Greenhouse

I have been having some computer woes...

So I am going to finally publish some posts that have been waiting in the wings....

This is one of those posts...

You can tell from the photos that this was done a couple months ago....

Here goes...

It seems like this summer flew by especially fast.

Usually in the spring I clean out my green house so I can use it all summer.

This summer it just did not happen. 

 I decided to get it done so I can use it next spring, though.

The far door and the window are my green house.

It was here when we bought the house but it had nothing in it but some junk.

My husband built the little stoop in front of the door and we added the window.

Normally I keep the stoop free of weeds.

I will do better next year.

Ok, get ready.

I am going to open the door and show you the inside.


It is NOT good.


What I did not show you was this huge sheet of cobweb that completely went from one side of the door to the other...

I used a stick to take it down.

My daughter shudders to think of the size of the spider that made that.


So there is lots of work to do here.

Step one...carry the stuff out...

I try to put it in piles...

Last summer my daughter did this part.

She has a special organizing system for the piles.

"One (small) pile of tools and things you would expect to see in a greenhouse."

"That huge pile is things that have no idea why it would be in a greenhouse..." she said.

I still chuckle when I think about her categories...

You can see not much has changed to the untrained eye.

To a junker, any of it could end up in the greenhouse or garden.

Some things are going to the thrift store.

There are 3 bags of plant trays and pots that will go to the local high school for their green house.

A few things will head down to the burn pit...

This was part of my problem.

We have a leak in the seam along the roof.

  Over the years water has come in and damaged the shelves on the wall.

You can see one has completely fallen down up next to the chair.

So I had to remove the shelves that were rain damaged.

Recently a friend gave my husband a couple wire shelves so I took down enough of the shelves to make the new shelves fit.

There is actually room for my old cooler on the shelf now.

I restacked and moved things on the shelves just a bit.

Most of this is the kind of stuff my daughter thinks does not belong in a green house.

She is probably right.

But I like it in MY greenhouse.

The picture below is before the reorganization.

So is this one.

My books and magazines are here.

I am getting rid of some of them though....

You can never have too many little pots...

Here is one shelf after the reorganization.

Hey, here is the tin ceiling tile I got with my daughter this summer.

Mine is bigger than hers was.

  I can add magnets to keep important seeds, notes, planting plans, etc...

You can see my daughter's makeover of hers here.

The books are thinned out.

I only kept my favorites.

It is looking sleeker and more organized.

 I feel like I want to get rid of some things but I want to wait until spring and see how I feel then.

Now the tools are hanging and looking tidy.
I can actually find what I need.


Just in time to fill it again...

Thanks for stopping by....

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