Saturday, August 30, 2014

Books Transformed to Pumpkins, Apples, Cats and Snowmen...

My first fall show is coming up in a few weeks.

My booth has been an eclectic mix for the past 18 years.

Primitive holiday accents, wool candle mats and runners, reinvented purses, handmade cards, scarves fashioned from t-shirts, fabric, fleece and yarn, banners, and lots and lots of quirky jewelry.

 Last year I made some book pumpkins.

I also made a few other shapes but they had been stored flat for a year so I wanted to fan the pages out.

You can see them all  lined up on my old toolbox bench here.

I love the cat and have never seen one other than this one I made.

He still needs a pretty little bow for his neck and a witchy tag.

Maybe he needs a witchy little hat too...

My snowmen are some of my favorites.  

This little guy needs a homespun scarf and a felt hat.

The pumpkins I draw freehand so each one is different.

Some get a black bath for the page edges.

Some get an orange dip.

He has his bow but needs a spooky tag.

The apples are my favorites.

The perfect fall accent or teacher's gift.

There are several great things about these book shapes.

Each uses the pages from a discarded or damaged book.

I use the covers for other projects.

They store flat until the next year.

Just pinch the pages so they are flat and keep in your holiday box.

There is a trick for the best way to plump out the pages....

Several squirts of a water bottle on the pages and then some time to dry in the sun. 

 Repeat as necessary....

I have one of these in the Etsy shop and may be adding more this fall.

We will be linking up with these great blogs.

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