Thursday, August 14, 2014

DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint for Glass...

This summer I got some Chalky Finish paints for Glass from DecoArt. 

 I was super eager to try them out.

Last summer I painted some jars with just regular paint and they did not turn out just how I wanted.

So I assembled a few bottles and jars to coat with the paint.

As suggested, I wiped each clean bottle or jar with alcohol.

Then I started painting the bottles.

The first brush I tried had bristles that were too coarse.

So I switched to this one....

Much better.

The paint went on relatively smoothly.

You can see here that I did not cover the tops as well.

I did a whole bunch with the same color because I wanted to see how far one bottle would stretch.

You can see I did 9 bottles of varying sizes.

 This one little bottle is still almost half a bottle full.

I allowed them to dry and realized I had a cool mistake.

I removed the stickers from the Frappuccino bottles before they ran through the dishwasher.

But all the sticky residue did not come off with the washing or the alcohol.

Where the residue was, it crackled...

Which I loved!

I did go ahead and put a second coat on 4 days later to cover the areas where it was splotchy before.

I did NOT put a second coat over the crackled area.

I had also done some of the Chalkboard Paint for Glass by DecoArt on some bottles too.

I waited another four days.

I heated them all in the oven on two separate cookie sheets.

It did smell sort of bad but I had the house windows open...

  It seemed to be the chalkboard paint bottles that smelled the most.

I used these to take flowers to the fair.

It is easier to find all our entries if they all look the same.

Check out the repainted tote.

The herbs look a little sad.

This is after the fair.

I love the chalky finish on the grey bottles.

Some of the paint did chip off of them by the time we got home from the fair.

I am not sure if that was because I did something wrong.

Or if they bumped together too much in the car on the way there and back...

In either case...they turned out much better than last year's experiment with regular latex paint.

This would be fabulous for DIY wedding décor.

One little bottle of paint did those nine bottles in a variety of sizes.

With 2 coats each.

I have to say, though, that the Chalkboard Paint for glass was my favorite....

I love those bottles...

  I can't wait to use it some more!

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