Saturday, January 16, 2016

Leather and Polymer Clay Cuffs

The last couple months have been filled with lots of unexpected adventures.

I am still creating but much of it has been for specific projects that I can't share yet.

Today I wanted to share a few pieces that have been on my workbench.

These wrap braclets incorporate leather, silk and my own polymer beads.

I really love this cuff bracelet.

Very bohemian.

Although it does require a friend to help put it on.  

It has a wider leather base and then the silk and leather cord wrap around it to secure it.

This one has a thinner leather base, but it wraps around a few more times.

The silk is woven through the leather.

And the clay nest serves as both a focal and an essential part of the clasp.

What is on your workbench?

Thanks for stopping by....

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