Sunday, January 31, 2016

Buried Treasure Challenge

One of my very favorite blogs is Art Jewelry Elements.

I love that several of my favorite artists are gathered in one place and share things regularly that inspire me.

Recently Jenny Davies-Reazor challenged everyone to use some of our art bead stash.

This is right up my alley.

2016 is the year I dig into all the things I have been "saving".

This is why...

I have decided this little quote says it all.

So I dug into some beautiful components that Melinda Barnett sent me.

You can find her blog, Bees On Pie here.

I was saving them because they were so pretty.

She had sent these lovely clay disk components so I incorporated them into this necklace that has my hopes for the year.

Each disk is hand-stamped with a quality or characteristic like honesty, courage, peace, faith, health.

Things we might want or aspire to have or be.

I made a chain of my own wire heart links and added her components.

The two red bar pieces are from Melinda as well.

And then I finished it off with some silk.

I love silk.

I actually increased my stash of silk recently with a big order of luscious colors.

So this necklace will definitely be one of my favorite pieces this year.

I used components made by a dear friend.

I love the overall design.

It has my hopes for the year.

And it is a reminder to use the things you love.

I also made one more piece for the challenge.

This bracelet also uses a focal from Melinda Barnett.

I believe this one is made from paper clay. 

 It is very light and wearable.

I added my wire links and some silk that I hand dyed.

So that is a great beginning for a new year.

I hope you make something gorgeous with pieces you love as well.

Thanks for stopping by....

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