Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grubby Primitive Hearts for Your Valentine's Day

I think most people have a defining style...





Cottage chic...


Up cycled...

When you see their work, you know immediately that it is them.

I am not sure if this is true of me.

I like all the styles listed above and make things that fit all of those categories.

My daughter describes what we do as "eclectic".

I think she nailed it...

So today I wanted to share these sweet primitive hearts for Valentine's day.

I have made them for years but I still love them.

I start with inexpensive muslin.

Draw your desired heart shape on a piece of card stock.

Cut it out.

Trace the shape on a doubled piece of muslin.

I usually do a whole bunch at the same time.

Use your sewing machine to sew the shape.

Leave about an inch open to stuff it.

Cut out the heart and turn it right side out.

Stuff it with polyfil.

Hand sew the opening closed.

Then comes the fun part.

Paint the fabric with latex or acrylic paint.

I like to buy oops paint wherever they mix paint. 

 This used to be very inexpensive.

That is no longer true in my area.

It is still cheaper than having your paint mixed and if you find a color you like, you are lucky...

While the heart is still wet, roll it in a pan of ground cinnamon.

Set it to dry.

Once it is dry, brush off the loose cinnamon.

Add a little homespun strip and embellish.

I like to use naturals: cinnamon sticks and rose hips are favorites.

Then you can fill a bowl or send them in an envelope as a sweet surprise for someone you love.

You can also paint them with other colors before you roll them in cinnamon like the brown one below.

A little primitive love for you this winter day...

Thanks for stopping by....

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