Thursday, September 8, 2016

Halloween Craft Lightning

It is time for another Craft Lightning.

I love Craft Lightning.

This time is Halloween crafts.

So I made a cute little pumpkin luminary from a glass jar from the recycling bin.

Let's gather supplies.

Paper towel
clean glass jar
Masking Tape
Silver spray paint
solar light
(You don't need the spray bottle of water for this if you use this kind of paint).

Let's get started.

Cut the face shapes from your masking tape and put them on the jar.

Also tape off the top of the solar light where it catches the light.

Wrap the edge of the solar light with masking tape until it fits snugly in the top of the glass jar.

Flip it over and tape off the light bulb and the area underneath.

Spray paint your jar. 

 You can re-coat quickly with this paint.

Allow 2 hours to dry.

Paint the solar light too.

Once it is dry, remove the tape pieces from the face.

Also remove the top and bottom tape from the solar light.

Tuck the solar light into the top and you are ready to go.


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