Friday, July 15, 2016

Shed/Studio Makover

I am a very lucky girl.

I have multiple places to store and create on our property.

One of my favorites is this shed.

It is about 18 feet across and shaped like an octagon.

It has an upstairs.

It is all my junk.

And when I say that, I mean it.

I have been creating my whole life and doing craft shows for almost 20 years.

I have collected items I thought I could use for booth display.

I have collected multiples of materials to make things.

And I just kept sticking them in the shed.

 For Years.....

This winter my husband said, "What we should do is take everything out and I will build you work benches around the perimeter."

And that idea stuck in my head.

My brother said he would come to help.

So I began planning my attack.

I have not really gone in there for over a year and it was REALLY piled up.

So I chose a long weekend and put it on the calendar for the clean out.

Then I scheduled the following weekend for my brother to come.

Then I spent months planning...

What will I keep?

What can go away?

How do I want it to look?

Doing this for months, made a very clear picture in my head of what the end result should look like.

Then I got ready.

I planned with my husband and we figured out dimensions and materials.

I bought totes so they are all the same size to go on the workbench shelves.

I set up my EZups so I could pull everything out to sort.

A lot of things were given away or donated.

I was merciless in the purging process.

My sweet husband and brother put in a new window for me.

This will be a huge improvement.

I will have light and cross ventilation.

Here is an "In Progress..." shot.

My husband also replaced my doors with Dutch doors that he built.

I have always wanted Dutch doors...

Then came all the sorting.

So much sorting...

I worked for a couple weeks on the sorting.

My husband and daughter installed another window on the other side when it arrived.

I made curtains from burlap coffee sacks to cover most of the boxes and totes and create a less cluttered looking space..

I used more burlap sacks to cover the Tyvek on the inside walls.

And finally it is ready.  

Want to see?

This shed has not been this empty since we moved in...

Those counter spaces are awesome.

The area below houses ribbons and trims.  

Some are on spools so they are on the dowels where I can easily see what I have.

All the loose trims are in the cheese boxes above.

This space is a seasonal space. 

It is, after all, a shed.

So no heat or air conditioning.  

That helps to determine what and how things are stored out here.

The sewing machine will come inside when it gets colder.

I brought it out to make all the curtains and found I actually enjoyed standing to sew.

The mannequins are awaiting a makeover.

I promise to share them when they are done.

Previously my storage consisted of wooden crates around the perimeter.

I wanted to minimize buying for this project so I reused what I had as much as possible.

I used the crates to make movable storage.

I built bases from pallets and added casters.

I made two bar-style storage units for in front of the back shelves and a square unit for the center island.

My band saw lives in this corner.

This side is the more hardware/machinery related side of the shed.  

There are lots of goodies in all those little drawers.

And here are those coveted Dutch doors.

As soon as the wood cures and dries I will paint them and add Tyvek and burlap to the insides.

 My husband helped me move my belt sander and grinder out here.  

I so love that they have a nice little home.

That is my space in a nutshell.

I will be showing some of the details another time.  

I hope you will stop back to see.

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Thanks for stopping by....

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