Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Black and White and Gorgeous All Over....

A while back, my daughter and I tried making some pieces for a specific color challenge.

The challenge was to use black.

My daughter came up with some stunning pieces.

First up, this complete set.

Love the necklace focal and the earrings.

Our styles are so different.

                     I love how she thinks.

I am not a matched set kind of gal, but I love these pieces because they very much go together without being all matchy-matchy.

I really like her twisted wire with the focal.


I love this piece.

These are something I would definitely wear....

I love the movement the chains create...

This bracelet is so sophisticated.

This is the perfect dress up accessory.

And then there is this last bracelet.

The elements she combined are so interesting together.

The chain next to her beaded chain compliment each other.

These little pounded wire pieces add a rustic organic element to the piece.

Would you wear this one?

I would!

How fun is that?

Just for fun today, try something totally different and see where it leads you.

Limit your color palette, materials or style.

See what happens.

Then tell me all about it.

Thanks for stopping by...

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