Saturday, July 18, 2015

Over Dyeing a Thrift Store Quilt with Rit Dye

 A couple years ago I found this sweet quilt at the thrift store for a few dollars.

It has been washed and worn so it is soft and just the right weight for summer.

I love the white color but am not a fan of peach.

I apologize to anyone who loves peach.

You may want to stop reading now, before it it too late.

I have been wanting to overdye it....Blue.

So I washed it, dried it and hung it here to take pictures for you.

Then I took this in and threw it in the washer and turned it on rinse to wet it.

I did a cold water dye bath right in the washer.

I chose cold water and the correct water level.  

Once the washer filled to that level, I added a cup of salt since the quilt is cotton.

Then I added one box of Royal Blue RIT powder dye.

I wanted a very pale blue.  

For a darker blue, I could add another box of dye.

I let the machine agitate for a few minutes to insure dye water was swished in everywhere.

Then I lifted the lid to stop the cycle and let it sit about 20 minutes.

I let it agitate again for a minute or two.

  I used an old butter knife to poke all the fabric down into the water when it was done agitating.

Then I let it sit another 30 minutes or so.

Then I closed the lid and let it finish agitating and rinsing.

I ran it through the washer with a little soap 2 times to remove all the extra dye.

I wanted a pale blue.

And I wanted to be sure there was no more dye anywhere in the washing machine.

Then I hung it on the clothesline to dry.

I love how it turned out.

The color is exactly what I hoped for.

It was easy peasy.

I think this would work great on a blanket with stains too.

  You could just over dye it a darker color.

Keep in mind when over dying that it will follow basic color mixing rules. 

This worked out since the quilt was white. 

 I tried it with a yellow blouse too and got a green I did not like.

The hardest part now is deciding where to use it.

Maybe in the back porch on my reading chair.

Maybe on the swing out front....

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