Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jewelry Affaire Magazine Summer 2015 and a Giveaway

Have you seen the Summer 2015 issue of Jewelry Affaire?

Like always, it is fabulous....

I want to take you on a quick walk down memory lane.

Summer 2011.

I was at Barnes and Noble looking at magazines.

I found 2 titles I could not put down: Jewelry Affaire and Belle Armoire Jewelry.

I had never seen anything like them.

But $14.99 a piece....

I kept looking through them.

So many beautiful pieces.

And I realized....what a great value they were.

The quality of the paper and the photography was like nothing I'd ever seen before.

There were SO MANY pieces in each magazine....over 50 or 60 at least.

I would pay $20-25 for a book that was only 20-30 pieces.

Once I looked at it like that, it was a no-brainer.

Those first issues came home with me and I have not looked back since.

The current issue is the same.

120+ Pieces to inspire...

Jewelry Affaire has lots of inspiration pieces...

This typewriter key necklace set from Melinda Barnett is different than many out there...

Here is another piece by her in this issue.

This time with a full set of directions on how to make this elegant bracelet.

I love her style.

There is another sweet necklace tutorial by Melinda Barnett in the Artistic Affaire section.

These wire rings are on my to do list.

They are made by Donna Miyasako-Blanco.

Who would guess some wire and a few beads could become something so lovely?

Hey, this set looks familiar...

I made it!


page 49.

There is also a technique article in the Natural Revelry section I did.

This series incorporates natural elements like moss and twigs and tree bark for whimsical pieces that make me think of fairies and fanciful forest creatures.

When I was making them, my husband said it looked like I was wrapping a mouse with a Lasso of Truth to a piece of bark from where he was sitting.

I am no Wonder Woman so this made me chuckle.

I love this series so I am so honored that Stampington chose to publish it.

I love that there is a mix of techniques and styles in each issue.

For a starting jewelry maker, each issue will make your head a good way.

Amanda Lee Slaughter shows you a twist on spoon jewelry...

Cindy Wimmer's necklace is outstanding as all of her designs are...

 I saw these birdhouse necklaces on the preview for the issue at Stampington.

Shelleen Weeks has an amazing mind...

Learning how to make these sweet necklaces out of silverware handles was reason enough for me to buy the issue.

Aren't they amazing?

One of my favorite materials to work with is leather.

The Summer 2015 issue has 2 articles that feature unique leather pieces that I love.

Colleen Jensen made these amazing leather cuffs.

I definitely want to try something like this...

And Lisa Hancock created these necklaces from bits of an old leather jacket.

Love them!

This issue is packed with over 120 ideas and inspiration pieces.

You should be able to find it at your favorite book store or craft store.

You can also order a copy directly from Stampington here....

Or you can leave a comment for a chance for your own free issue from Stampington...sent right to you.

Leave a comment below with a piece that left you breathless from this post and you will be entered for a chance to win a copy of this issue.

I will choose a winner from the comments with an impartial number generator next Thursday and announce the winner Friday.

Good Luck!

Thanks for stopping by....

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