Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Workbench Wednesday: Leather Cuffs

I always have to chuckle when it comes time to photograph Workbench Wednesday.

The location varies from week to week.

Sometimes it is in my garage/studio.

Sometimes it is in the living room. 

 It can be in the annex on the workbench outside.

I work in different places for different tasks.

Any hammering is completed on a cement floor.  

This time it was on our back porch.

Yes, the cement porch floor is carpeted.

  The couple that built the house glued it down. 

It is there to stay.

This week I was stamping cuffs.

I love picking up leather belts to use for making bracelets.

I have my handy dandy leather stamp alphabet set.

The sponge is for wetting the leather before stamping.

The sweet double enamel bucket was a clearance buy years ago at a drugstore in town.

It has a handle so it is easy to move current projects.

I usually do more than one of each word or phrase on different cuffs.

These have all been cut, trimmed and had the holes punched.

I will sit and stamp until they are either all done, or I am tired of sitting on the floor.

My body does not enjoy sitting on the concrete as much as it used to.

Next I will use some gilders' pastes and waxes.

I am so proud that cuffs similar to these are in the current issue of Somerset Studio.

I actually am choosing a reader to receive a free copy of the magazine this week.

  If you  missed out on the post, check it out here.

I am a messy worker.

This is actually neater than usual because I can't leave the mess here.

I will have to clean it up as soon as I am done.

Not pictured are my two art buddies, the dogs. 

 Both are off camera.

One on each side.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at what I am working on...

What is on your workbench?

Thanks for stopping by....

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