Sunday, February 14, 2016

Archaeology Necklace

Sometimes it is just fun to do something that is outside your usual style.

A friend and I decided to try to make some things with a decidedly grubbier and darker look.

It involved a lot of JAX Pewter Black.

I used it to age some chains, focals, and beads.

And this Archaeology necklace was born.

Glass and polymer beads were combined into this fun necklace.

The smashed bottle cap with a map covered in resin looked so much better after it was painted with JAX.

Now I love it.

It was in my failures pile so I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained...

What a gain...

I made links for each of my beads and then dipped them in Jax.

They all got rubbed with wax and buffed.

The fiber piece was made from a bit of a muslin sheet.

I dipped it in watered down black paint and then waxed it.

And those little twisted wire jump rings...

I made them...

Now THAT was fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed trying a new look.

I will be doing more of this style for sure...

What have you tried that was new for you?

Thanks for stopping by...

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