Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Craft Lightning Valentine's Edition

One of my favorite things to be a part of is the Craft Lightning Challenges.

Today I am tickled to be a part of the Valentine Edition.

I made these sweet love rocks.

Let's gather some supplies.

It is bitter cold here so some of my photos had to be done inside where the lighting is not as good...

You will need:

paint brushes
paint markers
paper plate

You can gather rocks from outside or buy a bag from the craft store or the hardware store.

I have some rocks from the craft store and some from the yard.

Wash them and allow them to dry thoroughly.

Paint your designs right on the rocks.

I like to do the larger parts of my designs with paint and then the details with paint markers.

You can personalize them.

I made this sweet little collection in about a half hour.

I plan to do a few sweet art abandonments with these...

Have you heard of art abandonment?

Artists all over the world are making beautiful things and leaving them places for others to find and enjoy.

You can leave them in a public place like a restaurant, hotel, park, shopping center, etc.

There are groups you can join.

You can print tags found on the page and add them to your abandoned piece.  

That way, the person that finds the art can comment on it.

I have some plans for these...

The local radiation center.

Parking lots.

On the ground outside a variety of stores.

Because everyone can use a little extra love....

Thanks for stopping by...

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