Monday, September 14, 2015

Art Queen Bee Set

It has been a busy week.

Our weather was HOT!

It finally cooled off which makes me begin to start rushing around like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter.

It was a busy weekend cleaning areas for the coming cold weather.

I can gleefully say the back porch and wood shed are winter ready.


And inside I have been making beads.

So many beads from polymer clay.....

I have  new series planned and it is going to take lots of beads.

You may see some glimpses of them on an upcoming Workbench Wednesday.

For today, I am sharing this necklace and bracelet set I have made.

These are glass beads.

I did not make them.

They are knotted on waxed linen cord.

You know how I love to do that.

I think the blingy bottle cap is fun.

I use my homemade wire clasps.

I am liking my own better and better.

They suit my designs.

They are easy to use.

They add a little something to a piece.

When I first started my Etsy store, my husband made me a light box.

It worked ok, but often my photos had a yellow cast I could not quite get rid of even with some photo editing.

Now I take pictures on my front porch or the back porch depending on the time of day.

I love the look of the indirect natural light.

This set has a little multi strand bracelet as well.

The little crown dangle is a sweet addition.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to knot beads all day...

But work calls.

Beads will have to wait.

Hope you have a great week.

Thanks for stopping by....

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