Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I've Got the Blues...

My dad was an engineer by trade.

And an artist in the evenings and weekend.

He worked with redware clay and made folk art figurines.

I am guessing that is where some of my love for clay comes from.

I am finding more and more that having it in my hands brings such peace and relaxation.

He worked in redware clay.

I work with polymer.

My favorite is Sculpey.

After I make the beads, there is also the mad scientist part of playing with finishes.

This piece was a play with beachy blues.

These beads do not have the crackled rustic look that I started with.

These look like they rolled in the ocean waves for a while and were worn.

I love that.

The texture really pops with this finish...

I think the clasp should be as pretty as the beads.

These handmade clasps make me smile.

I love forming them and then hammering them.  

The dogs always try to come and help since I am sitting on the floor for the hammering.

Everytime I make a clay piece, I feel like there is a piece of me in it.  

I know every handmade piece has a part of the maker in it....

But the polymer is different for me.

Maybe because I rolled it in my hands to warm it and bring it to life first.

Maybe because I feel a connection to my dad while doing it.

Maybe because the dogs infuse some of their love too while I am making clasps.

Whatever the reason, my clay pieces always make me smile.

Hope they do for you too.

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