Thursday, March 19, 2015

Etched Bullet Casings

One of my favorite processes to do is etching metal.

It is part science and part magic.

While I collect many pieces and kinds of metal to etch, to date I have primarily used bullet casings.

Today  wanted to share some of my patriotic designs.

These all have flags of some sort.

These were created with men in mind.

They have less bling and more utilitarian beads.

Changing the orientation of the flag gives the piece a completely different look.

I make them into key chains and necklaces.

I don't mind the imperfections in the etching.

Up close, you can see so much of the detail in the etching.

Turquoise sets off the brass as well.

The USA Eagle stamp worked perfectly for this size casing.

Here is one with a bit of bling.

Which is your favorite?

I like them all.

Sort of like your children...

Each one is charming and appealing in its own way.

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