Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sweet Handmade Valentine Cards

Let's make some valentines.

Handmade ones are my favorites.

This little card starts with two little cardstock bunnies.

I usually make a whole sheet of them at a time.

I printed my sentiment on some red paper and cut a heart shape around it. 

I used a marker to give it a stitched look.

Remember that old twisted paper ribbon?  

I still have some so I untwisted it and cut a larger heart from it.

I love the texture.

Are you wondering why I said cut out 2 bunnies?

Where is the other one?

He pops up inside of course.

To make him (or any other element pop up when opened),
cut a second piece of card stock a little smaller than the first.

Cut two slits about a half inch apart in the center fold.

When you fold the card, push the strip out and crease it with you fingers.

Glue this card inside your main card.

Then just glue your element to the bottom of the tab.

Easy and so cute.

For the last two cards, paper punches make quick work of them.

Punch out a ton of little red hearts.

You can use extras for confetti in the card....

I love when people open things and get a surprise.

I am not always sure they like them...

A long time ago, family members learned to open my envelopes outside or over the trash can...

I have not done that for years. 

 It may be time to try it again.

Emboss a greeting you like.

Die cut a bowl.

I have had that Sizzix die cut forever but I still love it.

Assemble your card and add a stamped greeting to one (or more) hearts.

Die cuts and punches make this go faster but this next card still takes a few minutes.

Punch your hearts from red and pink card stock.

I used a leftover heart from the card above to stamp a sweet greeting.

I have had this little heart and key punch for quite some time.

Tie the key to the heart with some thread.

Die cut and emboss your tree.

I layered several pieces of card stock to mat this card.

Then I just glued it all together. 

 I like using Tacky Glue for the little hearts.

You can do enough of any or all of these cards to send a sweet greeting to your favorite people for Valentines day in an evening or afternoon.

If you can get someone to help, it's even better.

My daughter and I often do assembly-style cards.

I love that together time....

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