Monday, January 26, 2015

Recycled Materials Become Garden Decor

Are you thinking of warmer and greener days yet?

My favorite time to create is in the summer.

  I love to create outside in the sunshine.

I am planning my projects for warmer days.

I thought I would share a recap of some of my garden projects from last summer.

All of these are up cycled  from recycled materials.

I made a couple wind chimes.

This one looked great on my front porch.

Marbles, forks, beads, a flower frog, fishing line, and some plastic baubles all came together...

Reminds me of raindrops...

This fun and whimsical wind chime started with a lampshade skeleton.

You can read more about creating it here.

I sold this to a girl at my fall show last year.

She said it was sure to make her the favorite daughter since it perfectly matched her mother's style.

I hope it did...

I really enjoyed making it.

I am already planning another series of mosaic projects.

Last summer my daughter and I made a bunch of fun projects.

You can find the final post here.

Many of these were gifts to family and friends.

Everyone that received one seemed to genuinely love and appreciate them.

The one above went to my in-laws.

The tiles were retrieved by my father in law several years ago at an auction.

He chuckled at the memories.

This fun little bird was a ceramic bird from the dollar store.

She has found lots of homes around the garden every season.

I move her every so often.

This started with a gazing ball my friend gave me.

These glass mushrooms are sprinkled throughout the garden.

At a party we had, I had to smile at a friend who picked it up, examined it and showed it to his girlfriend...

The rebar keeps them upright and in place.

The tutorial for making them is here.

Chicken wire and a tomato cage became fun dress forms for the garden.

The post is here.

I love this one with the tutu.

This other gal got a raggedy strip skirt.

I plan to make a couple more variations of her for this year.

Wouldn't she make a pretty alternative to the typical garden scarecrow?

This gets me thinking about what to do this summer.

I hope you saw something that inspired you as well...

Thanks for stopping by....

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