Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fun Studio Organization from Artistic Endeavors 101

January always makes me want to clean up and organize.

I am fortunate enough to have several creative spaces, but organization always seems to be a challenge.

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to organize.

I make my own polymer clay beads.

I love to organize them so I can clearly see what I have.

These are organized in a house shaped shadow box.

The little compartments are perfect for sorting what I have made.

I use this tie/belt rack that I got at the thrift store to hold chains and necklaces.

I used to use these printer's trays in my booth to hold necklaces, but people tangled things in them.

I decided to use them myself in the studio to organize my favorite bits and baubles.

I love that I can see what I have and easily choose components.

This fun industrial drawer unit came from Lucketts last spring.

It was my big splurge of the day.

I adore it.

Last summer I made this spinning studio organization.

All my favorite materials are readily available.

Tin cans got a new look with a coat of spray paint and some burlap.

Sugar shakers hold spools of baker's twine.

They do not get tangled and are easy to use.

All my favorite markers and pencils are finally all in one place.

This year I want to start an art journal.

This will keep all those materials at my fingertips.

The colors inspire me and make me smile.

I bought this little shelf from a closed store in town.

It only takes up a few inches of table space, yet it organizes many of my most used supplies.

My big paper punches rest on a tension rod I added.

My RIT dyes are close to the sink here and ready as soon as inspiration strikes.

Another tension rod holds spools of ribbon.

I love ribbon.

You can see how much I love ribbon.

This was my husbands brilliant idea.

We used long clear rods to hold 5 rows of ribbon.

My husband added wood strips to this storage shelf and screwed in cup hooks to hold the rods.

I also keep twine and cotton string and lace here.

This galvanized tiered rack was on clearance from Sam's last year.

I imagine it will end up holding many things, many places in my studio and home.

I try to use what I have.

What is your favorite studio storage piece?

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