Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Workbench Wednesday... T-Shirt Yarn

One of my favorite materials is t-shirt yarn.

I did a post on it earlier here.

 I also did a post on Hometalk.

Some of the yarn was made from t-shirts that were already destined for the rag bin.

Some t-shirts were purchased at the local thrift store for about 50 cents each on half off day.

My daughter and I stocked up on different colors. 

 Our cart was full and the lady behind is kept sighing.

We were chatting with the thrift store staff while we were checking out.

When my daughter went to put the cart away, the woman who had been behind us approached her and asked what we were doing again....

My daughter told her and the lady said it sounded cool.  

It made us chuckle.

This week on the workbench, I was cutting the t-shirts on my back porch workbench and making yarn for some yarn projects.

I really liked the colors in this group.

The t-shirts were super soft so this yarn is extra soft and stretchy.

I love that this time of year my workbench may be inside, outside or a combination of both....

I hope you have something on your workbench right now too...

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