Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workbench Wednesday: Warning! Some images may be disturbing...

If you are an organized person, please be warned that the following images may be disturbing to you...

I am not an organized artist.

I want to be...

I try to be...

But I don't think it is part of who I am....

My creative muse works best in utter chaos

for it is there that she sees and combines new elements to make something special....

Each week I will try to show you what is on the workbench.

There will be scattered bits of lace

glitter sparkling on each surface

scraps of paper and fabric mixed among the images.

I apologize...

It is how I usually work.

A few times of year I clean it up for parties.  It takes weeks.

You will see why over time.

 And yet, I want to share this with you because maybe you are the same way.

Maybe it will be freeing for you  (and your significant other) to know that you (and he or she) are not alone.

There is no shame in that which brings you joy and beauty to the world.

And I want to share it for those of you that work neatly.  

It is good for you to see it as well.  

Maybe you will try it just a bit....pieces of this project left out instead of whisked away immediately.

The next project begins and you see some of the last projects pieces lying there... think.  That is just what this piece needs.

And it is.

And it may not have happened if you had not left the pieces there.

Thanks for stopping by...  I better go clean up a bit....

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