Monday, September 7, 2015

Mummy Treat Cans- 15 Minute Halloween Craft Lightning

It's time for Craft Lightning again!

This time, 15  Minute or Less Halloween Crafts.

So here are some fun Mummy Treat containers.

Start with a can or bottle from the recycling bin.

Wash them thoroughly and let them dry.

Now gather your other supplies:

wiggle eyes

old white sheets (or muslin or fabric) and scissors.

And your glue gun and glue sticks.


That's all. 

 Are you ready?


Snip cuts in your fabric about every inch.

Rip into strips.

Since I used a full sheet from the thrift store, one strip completely wrapped one can or jar.

Next glue your eyes onto the can.

Then glue one end of the strip at the top of the can and start wrapping.

I used a bit more glue to secure the fabric around the eyes. and at the bottom of the can.

I kept wrapping until I used the whole strip and then I glued the end.

How cute and easy was that?

You can make an army of these in an hour.

Here is the jar finished.

You could paint the lid and add goodies inside.

You can get a whole different look with smaller eyes.

You can also change the whole look by coffee staining your strips.

Follow my easy coffee staining recipe here.

The stained strips give your mummy a whole new personality.

Sort of menacing.

For other variations, drill holes in the can to add a wire handle.

Add candies instead of Spanish moss.

Want to learn how to make the cute canning lid pumpkin too?

It takes a lot longer than 15 minutes but it is so cute.

The post is here.

The pumpkin gets dressed up with some vintage book page strips added for interest.

Here is my little mummy family.

That pumpkin is a renegade from last year. 

 Where I threw the pumpkins after Halloween a vine sprouted in the weeds.

 When I was mowing past the area, I spied this little guy in the over growth.

What a great fall surprise!

And just in time for the mummy cans.

Thanks for stopping by....

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