Friday, March 6, 2015

Yarn Wrapped Candy Cane Ornament

Time for another quick ornament. 

Have you been keeping up?

This one starts with a piece of heavy wire.

I use rebar wire from the fencing section of home improvement stores.

You can also use an old wire hanger.

Cut the wire and bend it into a candy cane shape.

Then I used hot glue to glue the end of some heavy red and white yarn I had.

Then I wrapped it continually around the wire, gluing every so often.

When I got the whole thing covered, I  glued the end to the candy cane.  

Once the glue was dry, I trim the end with scissors.

I make a mixture of hot water, coffee and ground cinnamon.

 I soak the ornaments in it for about 30 minutes.

  I remove them and hang them over a drying rack in my garage until they are dry.

Now they are ready for the tree or a package.

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