Thursday, March 5, 2015

Steampunk Polymer Beads

One of my great loves this past year has been playing with Sculpey polymer clay.

I love rolling it in my hands, pressing things in to texture it and then coloring and creating finishes that give it a new look.

I have always loved beautiful beads but when I actually get some, I save them.

I am not sure what I am saving them for...

So in April, when I started ,making my own beads, it opened a whole new world to me.

It was a world where I could create anything I could imagine.

This has led to many fun experiments.

Today I am sharing my steampunk beads.

I used these to make some fun stretchy bracelets.

They are easy to get on and off.

You can see I did a variety of finishes as well.

I love these.

I hope they appeal to you perhaps, too.

Thanks for stopping by....

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