Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Polymer clay Snowman ornaments

I was playing with polymer clay recently.

I wanted to make some fun Christmas ornaments for the tree.

I rolled a little ball of Sculpey Original white clay into small balls and pinched and rolled to make a little nose.

I used a skewer to make a more defined edge at the bas of the nose.

I cut a small piece of wire and bent it into a U shape.

I pushed it into the top of the snowman head.

I also pushed 2 half round eyes into the clay.

Then I followed the manufacturer's directions to bake them in the toaster oven.

I have one dedicated to clay only on my covered back porch.

It was really cold when I baked them.

This caused two issues.

Some of the noses got a little singed.

And the eyes got a little melted if they touched the tray.

They each got a quick touch up for their noses with DecoArt's Tangelo Orange.

I added a little twine loop for hanging.

This little fellow is so cute.  you can see his eye was touching the tray.

Gives him character.

These are little.

They would be perfect for a mini tree.

It is a great craft for kids and could be done in an evening.

They would also look sweet as a package tag...

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