Monday, March 7, 2016

Keep The Kids Busy Craft Lightning

It is time for Craft Lightning again...

This time it is an activity to keep kids busy.

I am sharing a super easy idea that used to keep my daughter busy all afternoon in the summer.

You will need:
a spray bottle of water
small container of water

Let your child draw with the paint  brush and water on the sidewalk or driveway.

Or your child can use the spray bottle to make designs.

Change the spray to stream and play games, write words, etc.

Or just create fun designs.

When my daughter was small, she always wanted to help me with painting or whatever project I was working on.

I often gave her a bucket of water and a big paint brush and she would paint her playhouse, bike, deck, the house, trees or whatever caught her imagination.  

Because it was just water, it never hurt anything and quickly dried.

You could give your child a list of "assignments" to do such as paint your bike, draw a farm, play tic tac toe, see if you can paint the whole driveway before it dries, etc.

This activity can be adapted for winter by adding food coloring to the water and then can be used to paint the snow.

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