Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Burlap Fall Wreath

For the fair this summer, I did a little something different for the silk wreath arrangement.

I picked up this grapevine wreath at the flea market while junking.  

It was decorated with garden stuff...

a glove, little flower pot, a rusty trowel.

I took them off to start fresh.

I made a bunch of burlap roses.

I do these by trimming the seams off burlap coffee sacks when I use the sacks for projects.

Then I glue and turn the seam so the trimmed edge  shows here and there.

I make these whenever I am doing a burlap project and then just hold on to them for later.

I also had this burlap pumpkin that I already made.

It has a burlap flower right on it.

I just hot glued all the pieces on the wreath.

I like the understated simplicity of it.

However, my husband is not a fan of wreaths actually hanging on our door.

They blow in the wind, scratch the glass and block the view when we look out.

So I came up with a great compromise.

I hung a hook with some twine from the porch light.

It is a great solution for hanging things on a brick house.

And it fits almost perfectly in the space between the window and the door.

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