Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Barn Tour...Part 3...the Exterior

I showed you the upstairs and downstairs in the barn.

Today is a look at the outside.

I took these pictures last summer.

The beauty of the weathered wood is always fresh to me.

Even abandoned and alone, I think she is lovely.

She does not seem sad to me.

She seems strong and settled and happy.

When I come to visit here, I usually wait for my husband right here.

He knows when he pulls up in the truck that there may be a pile of goodies to load for home.

Sometimes it's just a little pile of walnuts or scrap wood.

This is the old implement shed.

This winter, part of the roof fell in.

My daughter had her senior pictures taken here.

She said she had a lot of sweat equity in those pictures.

We came 2 times to clean out brush and trim back branches and grass.

The pictures were gorgeous.

We loved that the photographer came here to take them.

This place means something to my whole family.

I know that pole barns are so much easier and cheaper to build.

These sweet old buildings are slowly dying away.

Even though she is old and overgrown,  I think she is lovely and charming.

This is a look from the outside in that small animal room I showed you before.

If you turn and look the other way at the door, you see the scene below....

We just don't make things like this anymore....

This is what was left of the farm house last fall.

It is very overgrown.

I am curious to explore it but it is not safe.

You could fall through the floor into the basement.

Or get beaned by something falling from above...

So I usually try to get as close as possible and look.

Living in the country has so many benefits...

Fresh air.

Lots of space.

Nice, hard working people.

Critters and birds.

Beautiful places.

Do you have somewhere you enjoy like this?

Thanks for stopping by...

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